Creating Epochs for the exported Geodesic/Netstation .raw file to edf file using MNE python

  1. MNE python does not support reading Netstation .raw files so if the .raw file is exported to edf file using BESA- will there be loss of the data?

  2. Trying to read the exported edf file in MNE python- data is correctly read (with channel information) but how to map events?

  3. Can MNE Epochs object be created for the exported edf object?

I am relatively new to the field, your responses would of great assistance.

Re 1, you’d have to consult the Netstation documentation, but my guess is that conversion to EDF should work fine. Note that we have — MNE 0.24.1 documentation to read NetStation .egi files.

Re 2, it depends on how Netstation stores events. The read_raw_egi() function creates a synthetic stim channel from events contained in the .egi file. EDF supports both analog stim channels as well as dedicated annotation channels. When you read an EDF file with MNE-Python, you either already have your annotations in raw.annotations or in an analog stim channel (which you can parse with mne.find_events().

Re 3, yes, it does not matter what the original data file format was as long as you can import it – you will always end up with a Raw object, which you can use to create Epochs.