Brain movie failed to show source waveform

MNE-Python version: 0.17.0
operating system: Linux
mne_21 environment


I was trying the brain movie function following the tutorial scripts (at the very end: Source localization with MNE/dSPM/sLORETA/eLORETA — MNE 0.22.0 documentation).

Different from what is shown in the MNE website, the saved file (.mov) did not show the waveform at the bottom, only showing the cortical activation map. Oppositely, in the scripts running window, only shows the waveform, without cortical activation map.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

Thank you!

The following are the scripts I used for making brain movie:

stc_moive.subject = 'CHN200'
vertno_max, time_max = stc_moive.get_peak(hemi='lh')

subjects_dir = subjects_dir
surfer_kwargs = dict(initial_time=time_max,
    hemi='lh', subjects_dir=subjects_dir,time_viewer=True,
    views='lateral', time_unit='s', size=(800, 800), smoothing_steps=10)
brain = stc_moive.plot(**surfer_kwargs)
brain.add_foci(vertno_max, coords_as_verts=True, hemi='lh', color='blue',
               scale_factor=0.6, alpha=0.5)
brain.add_text(0.1, 0.9, 'dSPM (plus location of maximal activation)', 'title',

# The documentation website's movie is generated with:
brain.save_movie(filename='',tmin=0.0, tmax=1.0, interpolation='linear',\
                 time_dilation=20, framerate=10)

You need to pass time_viewer=True to Brain.save_movie