Autoreject Falsely Rejecting High Amplitude Periodic Discharges

Hi everyone! I have been working on a preprocessing pipeline that will be used to remove muscle artifacts. I have been using Autoreject in order to do this.

However, I have run into an issue. The pipeline is falsely rejecting high amplitude periodic activity (which is not considered artifact). I have attempted to change the autoreject parameters to remedy this, but that strategy did not work.

Here is an example of high amplitude periodic activity:

Do you have any ideas for addressing this issue? I am happy to provide further details, and I appreciate your help!

Hi Leah,

Could you provide some more details about what you tried? Did you apply autoreject (local) or autoreject (global)? Autoreject is a bit crude in this sense because it cannot distinguish between true high amplitude artifact signals vs high brain amplitude signals. One suggestion is to filter out your periodic signal and use autoreject to get the annotations of bad segments. You might also find more information or discussion here:


Hi Mainak,

I believe I applied local autoreject since the thresholds for each channel are calculated. I can look into the resource you provided and attempt to filter out the periodic signal.

Thank you,