Aggregate report for subjects


I have a question regarding creating reports using the mne.Report module: Does anyone have any recommendations for organizing a single HTML document which aggregates the figures generated by each subject’s preprocessing step?

I am able to create reports for single subjects, however, I thought it would be neat to put each subject’s figures into a single document, with a separate section for each subject which contains that subject’s associated plots and figures (independent components, Raw frequency spectrum pre and post filtering, etc). I believe this would make reviewing the data and preprocessing results for all subjects easier instead of having to open a different HTML doc for each subject.

I have gone through the “Getting started” guide for reports but it looks like that module is intended for single subjects.

Thank you!

  • MNE-Python version: 0.22.1
  • operating system: Windows 10

Hello @will and welcome to the forum!

What you’re requesting is currently not easily possible. What you can do is loop over your participants, manually generate all figures for one participant at a time, and add them to the report using Report.add_figs_to_section(), specifying different section names for each participant.

I’m currently working on some improvements to the Report class and will take your use case into consideration to hopefully make this easier in the future.

Best wishes,