A few questions about plot_psd_topomap

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Hi all,

I am more used to Fieldtrip or EEGLAB and find myself confused when I try to use plot_psd_topomap.
Here are my questions:

1. What is the difference of 'normalization' and 'normalze' settings? Which one should be used when I want to do normalization?
2. Why 'dB' setting is ignored when 'normalize=True', but not with 'normalization' setting?
3. Does this method only use multitaper(DPSS) to plot the topomap of the power spectral density?

Hope anyone can resolve my confusion.

Best regards,
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hi Yuri,

I agree that the docstring is a bit hard to parse.

normalization refers to the convention used for the FFT (do we scale by
the length of the signal or not).

When you use normalize you divide by total power. It's kind of a ratio
so normalization as no effect anymore.

now regarding the ignored dB it's likely a bug.

can you open an issue on github?


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