Wrong vis of tfr.plot_topo()

I calculated the time-frequency response, and use its method plot_topo to plot it.
This is the result.
I do power.plot_topo and power.plot([0]) both

The data is SEEG, I set the montage coorectly.
or in 3D
Any ideas about why this happen?
I run the demo and everything seems right.

Hi there,
Have you already conquered that problem you described which exactly the same I recently encoutered. Please tell me if you see this message about how you resolve the problem and thanks a lot.


Sorry, I didnt solve it.

I figure it out just now and that was caused by your the symbol “-” you used in your channel label,which will be misunderstood by the plot_topo function, maybe you can try it now by replacing your current label “H5-H6” with “H5H6”, and then the problem will probably be solved.

Actually the “-” is misunderstood by the subfunction of plot_topo, which exactly you can check it out by setting break points in debug mode.


Wow, thanks for looking into this! Do you think you could cook up a minimal example that reproduces this issue, and open a bug report at the MNE-Python GitHub repository?


Yes of course I would like to when I could have a break for this! Thanks for your identity on my view of this visual bug problem.
Best Regards,