Whether the ica.find_bads_ref function can be used on eeg data?

I want to ask whether the ica.find_bads_ref function can be used on eeg data?
I have used the ica.find_bads_ref function on eeg data before. The version of mne is 0.21 or before 0.20, but it seems that the 0.22 version can only be used on meg data?
The specific error is:
ValueError: ICA solution must contain both reference and MEG channels.

Because my participant has a brain electronic implant, I want to use this function to see the correlation between the electrode points near the electronic implant and the ica component to help me determine the ica component caused by the implant.
I would like to ask if there is any way to achieve this function in version 0.22 of mne?

I really appreciate your help and look forward to your reply!

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I suppose we could add a picks=None argument to support this sort of use case. By default it would pick reference MEG channels from inst, and hence people would still get this error, but for your specific use case override it with your own picks. Would that work for you? If so, would you be up for making a pull request to add this?

I will try this and if this is useful, I will contact you immediately.

This doesn’t seem to work.
I used ica.find_eog(data,ch_name = [‘eog’]) instead
I’m not sure if this will have the same effect, but it works.