Understanding the channel locations so as to load channel locations from a custom formatted mat file?


I have a .mat files which on loading shows the channel information in a format shown in the image below. It corresponds to 128 channel EEG data (A1, A2, …, A128). Can someone help me understand what do the numbers mean here (like, are the first three array elements in each row the x,y,z co-ordinates?). I will like to create a custom montage in MNE using these channel locs. What will be the efficient way to go for it?

I will appreciate the help.

Hi @neerajww,
it is difficult to answer your question without knowing the format of the files you are trying to read - .mat files can contain arbitrary information. How do you obtain these .mat files?

Thanks you @mmagnuski for the reply. I figured out that the locations {x,y,r} in the mat file matched closely with the ‘biosemi128’ montage. This now solves the issue that was bothering me.