Unable to run resource file 60_sleep.py successfully

  • MNE version: 1.2.1
  • operating system: Windows 10

I just run the code from

but my program is stuck at “Used Annotations descriptions: [‘Sleep stage 1’, ‘Sleep stage 2’, ‘Sleep stage 3’, ‘Sleep stage 4’, ‘Sleep stage R’, ‘Sleep stage W’]”

I waited it for about 20mins, but It seems that it can’t keep on finishing " epochs_train……"

I don’t know what happened TOT

(I downloaded the python source code '60_sleep.py ’ from the wiki

I can successfully get this figure
but I can’t keep on ‘Create Epochs from the data based on the events found in the annotations’


I would advise trying again, possibly in a fresh environment with the latest stable version of MNE.
The creation of the epochs is very fast and there is no reason for the example code to stop here.
The example runs under 20s on my computer.


what happens if you close that figure? Does the script continue running? Some figures are “blocking” meaning that the rest of the script won’t run until the figure is closed.