Two-way repeated ANOVA on source data with spatio-temporal clustering


My question is concerned about two-way repteated anova on source data.

My experiment is a 2 factorial design: Factor A (3 levels), Factor B (2 levels). I want to see the main effects of the two factors. In the statis analysis, I set effects = 'A+B' to test the main effect for both factor A and factor B. Then, we got f_thresh = f_threshold_mway_rm(n_subjects, factor_levels, effects, pthresh) = [3.1995817058519864, 4.279344309144648], which is a list type, containing two elements. However, threshold = float(threshold) in the function spatio_temporal_cluster_test requires that the input cannot be a list (as the error attached).

If I set effects = 'A' or effects = 'B' or effects = 'A:B' , the error goes away. So, testing the two factors one by one is an option.

I’d like to ask: statistically speaking, does it means the same thing to test effect A and B separately and to test them together (‘A+B’)?

Thank you!

Below are the statis scripts that define the statis parameters:

factor_levels = [3, 2]
effects = 'A'  # 'A','B','A+B':main effect of A, main effect of B, main effect of A and B
# Tell the ANOVA not to compute p-values which we don't need for clustering
return_pvals = False

# a few more convenient bindings
n_times = X[0].shape[1]
n_conditions = 6

def stat_fun(*args):
    # get f-values only.
    return f_mway_rm(np.swapaxes(args, 1, 0), factor_levels=factor_levels,
                     effects=effects, return_pvals=return_pvals)[0]

pthresh = 0.05
f_thresh = f_threshold_mway_rm(24, factor_levels, effects, pthresh)

hello, sorry for the long delay with no replies? Did you ever solve this? (if so, please share how you did it). If not, maybe @Denis knows this part of the code best?