too many plots erds map

Hello all,

I am trying to compute and visualize erds maps as in the tutorial: Compute and visualize ERDS maps — MNE 0.23.0 documentation.

The issue that I am having is that I get many plots that are basically showing the same thing. One plot will suffice.

Here is the piece of coding I am using:

# Run TF decomposition overall epochs

tfrprep5 = tfr_multitaper(concatpreparationb5, freqs=freqs, n_cycles=n_cycles, use_fft=True, return_itc=False, average=False, decim=2)

tfrprep5.apply_baseline(baseline, mode="percent")
tfrprep5.crop(-0.5, 1.5)
for event in concatpreparationb5:
 # select desired epochs for visualization
    tfrprep5_ev = tfrprep5['47', '86', '113', '167']
    fig, axes = plt.subplots(1, 4, figsize=(12, 4),
                             gridspec_kw={"width_ratios": [10, 10, 10, 1]})
    for ch, ax in enumerate(axes[:-1]):  # for each channel
        # positive clusters
        _, c1, p1, _ = pcluster_test([:, ch, ...], tail=1, **kwargs)
        # negative clusters
        _, c2, p2, _ = pcluster_test([:, ch, ...], tail=-1,

        # note that we keep clusters with p <= 0.05 from the combined clusters
        # of two independent tests; in this example, we do not correct for
        # these two comparisons
        c = np.stack(c1 + c2, axis=2)  # combined clusters
        p = np.concatenate((p1, p2))  # combined p-values
        mask = c[..., p <= 0.05].any(axis=-1)

        # plot TFR (ERDS map with masking)
        tfrprep5_ev.average().plot([ch], vmin=vmin, vmax=vmax, cmap=(cmap, False),
                              axes=ax, colorbar=False, show=False, mask=mask,

        ax.set_title(concatpreparationb3.ch_names[ch], fontsize=10)
        ax.axvline(0, linewidth=1, color="black", linestyle=":")  # event
        if ch != 0:
    fig.colorbar(axes[0].images[-1], cax=axes[-1])
    fig.suptitle("ERDS ({})".format(event))

Atm I have used a variable of concatenated epochs, hence the different labels ['47', '86', '113', '167']. Even when I use just one type of 48 epochs and 1 label, I still get the issue. This does not seem to be happening in the tutorial.

Is there anyone who knows what the issue is or how I can manipulate the code so it just shows one plot?

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Hello @DaphneTitsing and welcome to the forum!

How many plots do you see? Two? How do you run your script – from the console, from Spyder, …?

Best wishes,

Hello Richard,

I am running the script from Spyder. It seems that I am getting plots for every epoch that I have.

best regards,