Tagging epochs data

Dear mne developers
I am using the following system:

  • MNE-Python version: 0.23.0
  • operating system: win 10

Once I create an evoked array and plot it I would like to be able to add comments for some of the epochs. Is it possible with the current version of the library? If the answer is no, I appreciate it if someone could tell me the best way I can add a graphical tool for doing the same.

what do you mean add comments?

maybe you could hack the drop_log attribute but it will be manually


For some events that I have detected with the code I would like to add some comments while reviewing the epochs. I am thinking of opening a comment window once a user clicks on an epoch and then anything he writes there will be recorded as the comment for that epoch. Of course it would be better controlled with a combination of keys and mouse keys. Then once the comment window is closed the comments is recorded and added in a new field or an existing one. Is it possible to use matplotlib for the comment window or I should add some QT codes here?
Thank you.

Please help us understand why you need to add comments to certain epochs. Do you want to skip certain epochs during later analysis? Do you want to later analyze different subsets of the epochs? Something else? We may be able to find a solution that doesn’t require adding new fields in the Epochs data object and a new interactive window to the plots (both of which are not trivial additions).

I have designed an algorithm for detection of some events. It is best to get these events reviewed by the field experts. Some experts may need not only discard some of the epochs by just clicking on it, but also add a comment for further discussion. I have got it working by using the Qt widgets. Using ctrl+right click, a window pops up into which the user may add his/her comment. If there was an empty field for the Epochs data object with which users could interact, it would become an easier to extend library I guess.
But now it is just fine because one can add the property they need in the base class of their interest (BaseEpochs). The problem would be whence they have already some analysis done and saved those objects (like in my case). This ends up in modifying the code in a non-systematic approach.
Nevertheless I have made the changes I’d like and this is now working just fine for my needs.
If you think of adding this feature to the library I can make a pull request.

Thank you