source localization methods

why are some of the source localization method such as:

  • Hierarchical Bayes (Gamma-MAP) sparse source localization method
  • RAP-MUSIC source localization method
    only available for ERPs and evoked data, and how can i use them for resting state eeg data

thanks for your attention

these methods assume stationarity in the source locations. Basically the location is not
evolving with time

Do you know any work where they have been used for rest data?


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thank you @agramfort for your attention

so these methods wouldn’t return the STC (Source Time Courses) of the defined source space as their output?

Yes it can output stc. It is not really a software problem but more a model issue as those methods assume that the dipole locations are fixed over time which is a strong assumption for long signals


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thank you @agramfort

sorry if i have hard time understanding their difference.
isn’t the assumption of stationary sources also true for minimum norm methods?
i am currently trying to get STC of the source space for a period of like 2 seconds.

BTW, may i ask some technical question, i was wondering if the time length of my EEG input would have an impact on the accuracy of the localized sources?