Should I use RANSAC + autoreject or does autoreject include RANSAC

Hi all, quick noob question, I’m getting to grips with EEG processing for a project using MNE. I have 32 channel EEG and EOG data only. As part of my pipeline I would like to take advantage of the autoreject library after ICA for eye blinks. My question is, should I use RANSAC (from autoreject) and autoreject independently? Or does autoreject class include RANSAC and process/interpolate bad channels as part of the whole algorithm? e.g. I only need autoreject.

Autoreject is an alternative to Ransac


Thanks Alexandre, by alternative do you mean they do the same thing pick one. Or you can use them together because they do different things?

I reread the paper and googled some more. I now see they are competing.

I mean it’s one or the other. Not both


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