Resting state EEG tutorial: collect epochs, average their signal, apply FFT, build tables of power spectrum delta theta alpha betha for all channels.

I’m building a tkinter mne interface for EEG practice.
The above discriminated procedures are routine in clinician’s practice, but I’m having difficulty trying to find them in mne site. At this point I dont need to use evoked events. Can a colleague suggest “how to” tutorials. Or they don’t exist for this specific task yet (get power spectrum mean absolute and relative for all channels)? Color small heads or graphics are not important to me. I need the results in tables for statistical treatment of the signal. Thanks in advance.

I think you could look into mne.Epochs, mne.Evoked; which will give you Epochs and average (Evoked) from raw data.

Then for FFT, I suggest looking into psd_welch and psd_multitaper if you are interesting in array/tables instead of plots.

And of course all the associated tutorials.

@mscheltienne has given you docstring links, here are tutorial links. Some of these topics are covered in the introductory tutorial (the first one on our tutorial page):

Thank you very much for the guidance. I 'll work on it.

Finally I’ve managed to use Professor Vallat’s tutorial to get tables of EEG power spectrum using yasa and mne. It took me time so I uploaded the notebook in case anyone needs it.

The edf uploaded is from my personal databank and should be used to simplify the use of this demo. The original tutorial is from: