Rearrange ICA Components plot

  • MNE-Python version: 0.23.0
  • operating system: Windows

Hi everyone. I am working with MNE and making some artifacts repairing with ICA.
I am using the function ica.plot_components() to see the topographic map. I really wanted to rearrange this plot with the quantities of rows and columns that i want. This can be possible?

I verified that the ica object has a function that returns the ICA topomap. Is it possible to generate the topographic maps the way I want from these values? If so, can anyone point me what(s) functions and parameters needed to do this?

Just an example: Normaly i set to see only 20 components. The figure produced by the function displays those heads in 4 rows ans 5 columns. There is a way to display those 20 heads topography in a format of 2 rows and 10 columns?


Hello @paulocir and welcome to the forum!

Currently, there is no way to control this manually, as the 5 columns are hard-coded :frowning: Someone would need to step up and implement this enhancement. Would you be willing to do this? Otherwise, do you think you could report this as a feature request to our issue tracker on GitHub?



Hey i didn’t knew it that was possible. Where i can go to implement this enhancement??

Thanks a lot!

Here’s a thorough guide on contributing to MNE-Python. It might be difficult to get started if you’re a beginner, so feel free to reach out to the developers if you get stuck: