Read data of stc in labels

  • MNE version: MNE1.0.0
  • operating system: CentOS release 6.5 (Final)

Hi! guys,
I want to extract data from stc time courses based on an atlas, like Wang(2015) atlas Here is what I did:

  1. I get the files lh.mgz and rh.mgz contain the vertex overlays of the Wang(2015) atlas on the fsaverage surface;
  2. get the labels from this two mgz files:
export roiname_array=(1 "V1v" "V1d" "V2v" "V2d" "V3v" "V3d" "hV4" "VO1" "VO2" "PHC1" "PHC2" \

    "TO2" "TO1" "LO2" "LO1" "V3B" "V3A" "IPS0" "IPS1" "IPS2" "IPS3" "IPS4" \

    "IPS5" "SPL1" "FEF")

export subjid=sub-fsaverage

for i in {1..25}


 mri_cor2label --i ${data_dir}/surf/lh.wang2015_atlas.mgz --id ${i} --l ${label_dir}/wang2015atlas.${roiname_array[${i}]}.lh.label --surf ${subjid} lh inflated

 mri_cor2label --i ${data_dir}/surf/rh.wang2015_atlas.mgz --id ${i} --l ${label_dir}wang2015atlas.${roiname_array[${i}]}.rh.label --surf ${subjid} rh inflated

  1. I tried to get stc constrained in the labels I got in step 2) of each subject :
rois_name =['V1v', 'V1d', 'V2v', 'V2d', 'V3v', 'V3d', 'hV4', 'VO1', 'VO2', 'PHC1', 'PHC2',

    'TO2', 'TO1', 'LO2', 'LO1', 'V3B', 'V3A', 'IPS0', 'IPS1', 'IPS2', 'IPS3', 'IPS4',

    'IPS5', 'SPL1', 'FEF']

fsaverage_dir = '/brain/guixue/zhouyu/proj01/mri/fmriprep/derivatives/freesurfer/sub-fsaverage/'
hemi = ['lh', 'rh']

snr = 3.
lambda2 = 1. / snr ** 2

for r in rois_name:
    for h in hemi:
        stc, stc_data, residual  = {}, {}, {}

        # project all evoked data to this roi
        for evo_key, evo_val in evoked.items():
            fname_label = fsaverage_dir + 'label/wang2015/wang2015atlas.{}.{}.label'.format(r, h)
            label = read_label(fname_label)

            stc[evo_key], residual[evo_key] = apply_inverse(evo_val, inverse_operator, lambda2=lambda2, method='MNE', pick_ori='normal', prepared=False, label=label, method_params=None, return_residual=True, verbose=None)

            stc_data[evo_key] = stc[evo_key].data
        stc_data_keys = np.asarray(list(stc_data.keys()))
        stc_data_vals = np.asarray(list(stc_data.values()))

I think step3) above might be wrong cause I cannot apply the labels obtained from fsaverage surface to each subject directly. Maybe I should morph the subject stc to fsaverage space using mne.compute_source_morph mne.compute_source_morph — MNE 1.1.dev0 documentation. In this case, the label obtained from fsaverage can be applied to the subject considering I morph the subjects’s source estimate to fsaverage space. Did this sound right?

@YuZhou - I don’t think this is directly answering your question, but can you just map the labels to the single subject space and extract the label information from the single subject space.


export subjid=SUBJECT1  #Map labels to subjid - then iterate over subjects


subjid = SUBJECT1 #Again iterate over subjects once you create the labels
fname_label = f'{subjects_dir}/{subjid}/lalbe/wang2015/wang2015atlas.{r}.{h}.label'

This should give you the same answer without needed to warp to fsaverage. Don’t know if this helps/works but its worth a shot.

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Hi! Jeff, thank you so much for your reply.
I think your solutions is reasonable and good :blush: :+1: :+1:
So there might be two ways:

  1. map the atlas to each subject’s native space and then extract the labels;
  2. map the atlas to fsaverage space and extract the labels; then morph/map subject’s source estimates to the labels from the fsaverage space.

I compared the results from these two methods, the results from the first method looked better.