Read an individual instance of a event with different name

Hi @richard, @agramfort
I created events based on spikes using Brainstorm’s create events and exported them to an .eve file. I have 900 spikes, which I wish to read not as a single group of event, but treat each spike as an individual event of its own so I can create 900 dipoles in the cortex while doing ECD, and not just one dipole.

How can I do that? How can I treat each instance of group SPIKE as an individual event of its own?

Hello, I’m not familiar with Brainstorm, so I’m afraid I cannot help here, sorry.

Hi @richard, is there a way that I can split the events in MNE so that each one time instant in my event group “SPIKE” gets assigned a unique event id?

Hello, like I said, I’m not familiar with Brainstorm data — I wouldn’t even know how to import it and what the result looks like in MNE. However, if you could share a minimal reproducible example that helps explain what you want to achieve, I can take a look and maybe give you some advice.