pyinstaller not compatible with joblib based functions

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Dear users of mne software,

I encountered a very specific issue regarding the use of pyinstaller in combination with the parallel computing performed in the variety of mne functions, based on joblib.

When I run the .exe file, created via pyinstaller my code runs until a piece of line where the parallel computing is first called upon (make_forward_solution). However, this spikes my GUI to open mulitple times (three times more), as defined by the number of cores for parallel computing. At this point, the .exe stops performing as well unfortunately.

Is anyone familiair with this problem and is there a workaround?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards
Tijmen Wartenberg
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hi Tijmen,

we recommend you use anaconda to install Python and MNE on windows

see instructions:


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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your answer. I am using anaconda at the moment. The problem lies not with the software I am using but with the compability between mne and pyinstaller.

So I tested my scripts in anaconda and they run fine, but I get the problem I described when I transform my scripts to an exectuable via pyinstaller. After I run the .exe, the parallel computing functions using the module joblib don?t work.



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Did you already follow the steps here?

I think you're much more likely to get useful help from the pyinstaller devs. In particular, I notice that joblib is not on their list of supported packages, so I'd start by asking them about that. But do please report back and let us know what solution you find, or if you end up opening a GitHub issue the pyinstaller repository, let us know the URL so we can follow the discussion there and chime in when appropriate.
-- dan
Daniel McCloy
Research Scientist
Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences
University of Washington

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