Predict Certain Scores based on EEG signal

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Is this possible to predict the attention level of a person using the EEG signal with MNE.
It’s possible in MATLAB, SciPy etc.
I have 32 channel EEG signals recorded when a person was listening to multiple audio streams simultaneously.
Is it possible to predict to which audio stream among all, the person was listen to or predict the attention score of that person using MNE.

  • operating system: Windows 10
    Python, Signal Processing
    link for guidance.

Thanks all!

Hello @Loner,

I don’t know what an “attention score” is, but MNE-Python comes with several functions to perform MVPA (i.e., classification).

Please see our tutorial here:

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No, this is clearly very much beyond the scope of this forum, at least for me.

I can help with concrete technical questions, but I cannot guide you on how to write and perform an entire analysis. It’s is a job for a supervisor, or colleagues, or a workshop, or a paid consultant.

Sorry that I cannot help here!

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Thanks will try it out and if any technical question will post it here.