PhD Student position on EEG neurofeedback (RTC) - University of Geneva, Switzerland

Dear community,

We are opening a PhD position (70%) to work on EEG microstate neurofeedback for adults with ADHD. The aim of the study is to validate microstate-based neurofeedback as an alternative to ADHD pharmacological treatment. It will focus on creating multi-channel neurofeedback training for adult ADHD and running a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to validate its clinical impact. We are therefore looking for someone who is comfortable with clinical populations and has good programming skills, as the study relies mainly on the quality of neurofeedback scripts and analyses. As our previous work was mainly carried out using MNE and its ecosystem, being comfortable with these tools is a great advantage.

You can also contact me directly if you have any specific questions about the project and/or the team:

More details (both in French and English) and application form can be found here: Candidat-e au doctorat (5741) (

Cheers, Victor