Permutation_t_test multiple comparison correction


I want to use permutation_t_test function. But from the documentation and examples, I can’t understand: if I perform multiple tests within one run of a function:

  1. does it automatically use the max-t method for multiple comparison correction and the resultant vector of p_values is already corrected for multiple comparisons;
  2. or it just provides all the data and I still need to perform max-t method (or maybe some other method) to correct for multiple comparisons?

Thanks a lot!

Did you check the docstring of the function on its API page? It says:

This function can perform the test on one variable or simultaneously on multiple variables. When applying the test to multiple variables, the “tmax” method is used for adjusting the p-values of each variable for multiple comparisons. Like Bonferroni correction, this method adjusts p-values in a way that controls the family-wise error rate. However, the permutation method will be more powerful than Bonferroni correction when different variables in the test are correlated (see [1]).

Based on this I think it already does the correction for you.