overlay PSD graphs from multiple EDF files

Hello MNE group,

I am presently in the process of learning how to utilize MNE for EEG analyses. My specific focus revolves around the comparison of single-channel EEG Power Spectral Density (PSD) between two distinct animal subjects. I employ MNE to import the EDF files, select a channel, extract the desired time segment, and then calculate the PSD.

Now, I would like to know how to effectively visualize and compare these PSD graphs by superimposing them within a single figure.


I think you can do spectrum1.add_channels([spectrum2]) and it will “just work” as long as the spectrum.info more or less matches (sampling freq, etc) and the respective ch_names do not collide. Note that this will modify spectrum1 in-place.

Thank you. I’ll try this and get back!


another possibility is to use mne.time_frequency.SpectrumArray() along with mne.create_info(), if the above approach doesn’t work.

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