New CuttingEEG event coming up near you. Register now!

The next CuttingEEG event called CuttingGardens, the one and only EEG and MEG multi-hub meeting, will take place October 16-19 all around the world.

Come to this new kind of CuttingEEG conference: Cutting-edge methods, topical discussions, best scientific practices, rock-solid tutorials, live networking and lots of fun!

October 16th - 19th 2023

Share knowledge globally, build competence locally

Four hot topics addressed this year:

  • Theoretical advances made thanks to M/EEG
  • Challenges and opportunities in real time M/EEG for BCI
  • Reproducible processing pipelines and multiverse analysis
  • Deep neural network (DNN) analysis of M/EEG data

… plus a myriad of others locally, everywhere. Check out the local programs! There are 20 different sites around the world.

Below the preliminary global program (broadcasted live across sites). Each Garden also has its own local program. Check them out!

Registrations are open for all gardens on their individual page. Get in touch with your favorite one for more information!