MNE-Realtime LSL Connection Problem

  • MNE-Python version:
  • operating system: Windows 10

Using MNE-realtime (Plot real-time epoch data with LSL client — MNE-Realtime 0.1.dev0 documentation), I would like to get my raw eeg data from Quick20 with labstreaminglayer. I removed MockLSLStream and just used the LSLClient().

The pylsl data receive example successfully receives data, but MNE-realtime examples doesn’t work… Where do I find the host name and port num?? I want to get realtime data directly from my LSL.

Sorry for the long delay with no reply! Did you ever solve your problem? (if so, please tell us how). If not, then probably @mainakjas is most likely to be able to help.

Unfortunately my LSL knowledge is lacking. However, I do think the host name should just be the source_id from PyLSL as mentioned in the docstring and the port num probably doesn’t need to be specified.


Thanks for the reply! I just collected the data independently, but it didn’t showed significant difference or useful result. Therefore I moved to other part for now.

I’ll retry this issue in December and I’ll share it here!