MNE-python installers

  • MNE version: latest installer 1.3
  • operating system: e.g. Windows 10

Right after installing, opening Spyder MNE returns:
An error ocurred while starting the kernel
The Python environment or installation whose interpreter is located at
doesn’t have the spyder‑kernels module or the right version of it installed (>= 2.3.0 and < 2.4.0). Without this module is not possible for Spyder to create a console for you.

You can install it by activating your environment (if necessary) and then running in a system terminal:
conda install spyder-kernels=2.3
pip install spyder-kernels==2.3.*
Another separate version of mne-python in a different coda envt is otherwise running fine with Spyder (1.1.0)

What do you suggest?

Hello @virvw, thanks for reporting this issue! The Windows installers ship with spyder-kernels 2.4.0, which should be the correct version for the included Spyder (5.4.0). Could you try uninstalling MNE so “everything is gone”, and try installing it again? I wonder if an older version of Spyder might still be sticking around somehow?!

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cc @larsoner

…yes so I wasn’t expecting an error with the MNE-installer. The message was to inform developers and future users.

Meanwhile, as suggested by the error message, I ran the following:
conda install spyder-kernels=2.3
(in the concerned envt (1.3.0_0))
But solving envt is not happy and failed.

ok I was trying to avoid removing the v1.1.0 that is actually perfectly functional.
Let’s wipe both clean and clean install again.

@richard Happy NY :sunny:


  • Removed all existing mne-python versions
  • Downloaded mne-python-1.3.0_0 again
  • While I was at it, updated Anaconda from 2.3.0 to 2.3.2
  • ran mne-python installer
  • Spyder returns no issue

Now just need to experience the shiny new features.

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Thank you for reporting back, @virvw! And happy new year to you too :slight_smile:

So it appears something is going wrong when users try to install a newer version with the installer without uninstalling an existing version first. We will try to investigate if and how we can fix this. Until then, maybe we should amend our installation instructions to advise users to remove existing standalone installer-based MNE installs. @larsoner any thoughts?

Also, you should update the command line for Linux on the site.

Currently reads as:

sh ./

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Agreed we should fix our instructions to suggest uninstallation of old versions, and to have the correct command name (whoops!)