MNE-HCP tmegpreproc

I have been trying to work with the mne hcp functions but am a little lost on exactly what data is is grabbing. the hcp.read_evokeds() functions seems to grab go to the unprocessed folder. Is this correct, or is it grabbing header info from that directory and then going to the eravg folder to create the evoked instances?
I ask this as a leading question, because I was trying to get this to work with the hcp.read_epochs() function, but it errors out with the following error:

File “/N/u/mattwint/Carbonate/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mne_hcp-0.1.dev12-py3.8.egg/hcp/io/”, line 611, in _read_epochs
epochs.times = times
AttributeError: can’t set attribute

in the wake of this I have made a pipeline that uses hcp.read_info and then selectively populates a structure from the tmegpreproc mat files, but I am unsure if this is going to cause timing issues and sensor localization issues due to all the warnings I have seen on the mne_hcp github site. I am happy to share that script, but it is kind of long.

pinging @Denis and @mainakjas: is anyone looking after mne_hcp these days? A quick glance at the error above suggests that it’s out-of-sync with MNE-Python.