mne connectivity

MNE- connectivity 0.4.0
MNE 1.2.1
OS: macOS 12.6
Is there any analogue of network based statistic to compare connectivity data (wPLI) in MNE? Or maybe it’s possible to use for this task permutation_cluster_test ?

Thank you!

an easy way to do statistics on connectivity estimates is not yet available. Aspects of this are being addressed in PR#100 and PR#101 but I don’t know how soon those will be finished / merged and available to users. I think in PR#100 @jadrew43 is working on implementing this published method. PR#101 I think is doing some sort of time-shuffling approach but I haven’t looked closely at it, @alexrockhill might be able to offer more information.

cc @adam2392

network-based connectivity statistical analysis is a non-trivial task. Even permutation and certain types of traditional techniques are not easily directly applicable.

Yes those PRs are in progress, but the main blocker is making sure we’re communicating assumptions clearly to the user. E.g. just permuting stuff naively will result in over-confident connectivity analysis.

See Overview of graspologic — graspologic latest documentation for some possible graph-based statistical tests.

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PR#100 will not include the statistics. After PR#100 is merged, I will make another PR for the statistics computation.