mne-bids-pipeline: time-frequency analysis: group averages

Hi again :slight_smile:

I am using the mne-bids-pipeline and an EEG-only study. I would like to implement a time-frequency analysis. This is how I am specifying my analysis:

time_frequency_conditions = ['corrword','word']
time_frequency_freq_min = 2
time_frequency_freq_max = 30
time_frequency_cycles = None
time_frequency_subtract_evoked = False

It seems to work well on the subject level, I am receiving frequency spectra for my conditions separately in the reports. But group averages are not being produced in the sub-average…reports. What am I missing?

Also I could not see any group analysis reports in the examples provided for time-frequency analysis.

Thanks a lot.


it’s very likely that it is not implemented. Can you open an issue here