MNE-BIDS format after pre-processing


I would like to ask whether is it possible to save EEG data have been pre-processed by using MNE-Python to be saved into MNE-BIDS format?


yes with mne-bids

see how we do it in


No, this is actually not possible because MNE-BIDS currently does not support “derivatives” (i.e., processed data) because this is not properly specified in the BIDS standard yet. :frowning:

Thank you so much for your replies guys. Too bad, that would be awesome if MNE-BIDS can support this because we can save our time. We don’t have to pre-processed it again. Sometimes, people want to have pre-processed data so that they can directly analyze them.

Thanks once again

The only feasible way to save the pre-processed data is by using MNE directly, as @agramfort suggested. Wouldn’t that be an option for you?

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