MNE-BIDS 0.7 is out!

Hello everyone,

we are super happy to announce that MNE-BIDS 0.7 has been released today!

MNE-BIDS is a Python package that allows you to read and write BIDS-compatible datasets with the help of MNE-Python. MNE-BIDS links BIDS and MNE-Python with the goal to make your analyses faster to code, more robust, and facilitate data and code sharing with co-workers and collaborators.

This release brings numerous enhancements and bug fixes that improve reading and writing BIDS data, and enhance compatibility with the latest BIDS specifications.

It can be installed via pip and conda.

Notable changes

  • Channel names in *_channels.tsv and *_electrodes.tsv files now always take precedence over the names stored in the raw files.
  • When reading data where the same trial type refers to different trigger values, we will now automatically create hierarchical event names in the form of trial_type/value1 , trial_type/value2` etc.
  • mne_bids.write_raw_bids() now allows users to specify a format conversion via the new format parameter.
  • Various improvements to data reading and mne_bids.BIDSPath make working with real-life data easier.
  • Many bug fixes in mne_bids.write_raw_bids() and in the MNE-BIDS Inspector.


Detailed list of changes

For a detailed list of changes, please refer to the changelog.