MNE-BIDS 0.10 is out!

This release brings experimental fNIRS suppot, improvements in coordinate frame handling, and various enhancements regarding MRI fiducials.

:memo: Notable changes

  • We now have experimental support for fNIRS data (SNIRF format). This is still super fresh, and the respective BIDS enhancement proposal (BEP) has not yet been finalized & accepted into the standard. However, we’re excitied to be able to do this first step towards fNIRS support!
  • Numerous improvements have been added to enhance our support for various coordinate frames, including those that are not yet supported by MNE-BIDS. These changes are mostly relevant to iEEG users. Please see the detailed list of changes below.
  • We have added support for storing and reading multiple anatomical landmarks (“fiducials”) for the same participant. This makes it possible, for example, to store different sets of landmarks for each recording session.
  • It’s now possible to store Neuroscan (CNT) files with MNE-BIDS.

Find the full changelog at What’s new? — MNE-BIDS 0.10 documentation

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