Laplacian or local average reference in mne

Dear Colleagues,

I’m configuring a GUI using tkinter. Is that possible to configure laplacian (local average reference) in mne EEG. It is good dealing at focal epilepsy or other focal lesions, for instance, focal vascular, cortical focal displasias, etc. It really “cleans” garbage from signal.

If not:

I was wandering if is possible, for example, to create a ‘lar’ virtual reference for, lets say, F7, by doing—> (Fp1+F3+T3) /3, and keeping channels Fp1 F3 T3 still plotting. Should I use instead —> (Fp1+F3 +F7+T3) / 3, to get a reference for F7. I could do the same for
all channels. By the way would it be correct, could I call it lar reference?

Do you know any algorithm tha I could adapt to mne EEg to build Lar

Among other fonts I’ve read 'The Surface Laplacian Technique in EEG: Theory and Methods(1)
but couldn’t figure it out.



Paulo Kanda
University of Sao Paulo

MNE currently only supports average or single/multi-electrode references (mne.set_eeg_reference()) and bipolar references (mne.set_bipolar_reference()). Local average reference (aka Laplacian) would need to take channel neighborhoods into account, including the desired number of neighboring electrodes.