Is there any way to read the header of a bdf file?

I can now import the data of a bdf file, but cannot read the header of this same bdf file. Or any other bdf file.
Any suggestions?

NME version: 1.7.0
Operating system: Windows 10 22H2
IDE: PyCharm

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “cannot read the header of this same bdf file”. If you can successfully import a BDF file with raw ="file.bdf"), you can access all kinds of header info in


Thanks Clemens, that works perfectly!

raw =“C:\MyEEG\OpenBCI-BDF-2023-28KB.bdf”)

Extracting EDF parameters from C:\MyEEG\OpenBCI-BDF-2023-28KB.bdf…
BDF file detected
Setting channel info structure…
Creating structure…
<bound method of 0 1 … 2198 2199
0 9.980053e-06 1.285225e-06 … -1.478568e-05 8.147210e-06
1 1.117587e-08 2.123416e-07 … 2.123416e-07 1.117587e-08
2 1.117587e-08 1.899898e-07 … 2.346933e-07 -1.117587e-08
3 -3.352761e-08 1.229346e-07 … 1.676381e-07 1.117587e-08

[4 rows x 2200 columns]>
<Info | 8 non-empty values
ch_names: EEG 1, EEG 2, EEG 3, EEG 4
chs: 4 EEG
custom_ref_applied: False
highpass: 0.0 Hz
lowpass: 100.0 Hz
meas_date: 2023-12-19 23:32:59 UTC
nchan: 4
sfreq: 200.0 Hz
subject_info: 3 items (dict)

For some reason the sample mixed up the rows with the columns,
but that doesn’t matter as the graph correctly shows 1 column and 2200 rows.

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