Importing data from non-MNE source formats.

I have carried out EEG epoching and source localization using non-MNE means. Now I wish to import said data for visualization. For the source localization, I referenced the Desikan-Killiany Atlas, setting each section as a source coordinate and using that for source analyzing the raw data. Is there a way to import and visualize the source data in this format?

Hello, could you please be more specific on what exactly you have and what exactly you want to do?

Using the Desikan-Killiany Atlas, I created a source space where each source point corresponds to a section in the Atlas. Then, I took a raw EEG file, prepared it into epochs, and souce localized it without using MNE. Then, I calculated the PSD values for each souce point. What I wish to do is either

  1. Import the source localized data I prepared into MNE so that I can use the methods there to visualize. More specifically, visualize in a similar way to stc.plot() to display a 3D image of the brain using the fs_average MRI as template.

  2. Using MNE, import the raw file, then preprocess and source localize it to the source points I defined with the Desikan-Killiany Atlas. Then calculate the PSD and visualize it.