ica.find_bads_muscle --> AttributeError: 'ICA' object has no attribute 'find_bads_muscle'

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#Setting up ICA
    ica = mne.preprocessing.ICA(n_components=20, random_state=97, max_iter=800)
    ica.fit(raw, picks = 'eeg')
    #ica.exclude = [1, 2]  # details on how we picked these are omitted here
    # Removing muscle artefacts
    muscle_idx_auto, scores = ica.find_bads_muscle(raw)
    ica.plot_scores(scores, exclude=muscle_idx_auto)
    ica.exclude = muscle_idx_auto
![bad muscle|690x240](upload://gxIwi0b7OFIbr8i1eRbf4AIp1he.png)

The running above code is producing an attribute error.
AttributeError: ‘ICA’ object has no attribute ‘find_bads_muscle’

This was added in MNE 1.1.

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