how to use mne to compute non-phase lock power for time frequency analysis

Hi, I’m new to MNE. I’m using ‘tfr_array_morlet’ to compute time frequency power. I am wondering how to compute the non-phase lock power, should I remove ERP as input data before use ‘tfr_array_morlet’ ? And what is the mean of the ‘zero_mean’ parameter, how should I define its value ? Thanks in advance.

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I’m tagging @cbrnr, who might be able to give you some advice here!

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I usually do not remove phase-locked activity when computing time-frequency power. I recommend using mne.time_frequency.tfr_morlet(), which operates on an Epochs objects instead of an array. In particular, this function will return the inter-trial coherence itc in addition, which contains information on phase-locked activity.

Regarding the zero_mean parameter, I am not entirely sure what it means, but I’d go with the default value of True (interestingly, the default is False for mne.time_frequency.tfr_array_morlet(), but I don’t recommend using that anyway).

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