How to show axis values with evoked.plot_topo

Hello everyone!
I’m having trouble with the evoked.plot_topo function.

When running this code :

#nhp being my EvokedArray
nhp.plot_topo(ylim = dict(eeg=[ylimin, ylimax]), show=False,legend=False)

I get this result :

How can I do to show the x and y axis values, as well as adding title for each subplot?
Tried a lot of things, without any results.


that’s currently not supported (or at least, not very easy) with the plot_topo method. It has a legend parameter, which will add an empty set of axes that have the axis ticks (all the non-empty axes have the same x & y limits), and no way to add individual subplot titles. It was designed for plotting tens or even a hundred sensors at once, when adding all those tick marks and titles would usually be bad / cluttered. In fact, it doesn’t even create separate subplots for each sensor — this effect is simulated to make drawing more efficient.

For your example where there are only 7 axes, I can see why it might be desirable to have them. Try mne.viz.plot_compare_evokeds with parameter axes='topo' and see how close that gets you. If you’re still unsatisfied, post back here and we’ll try to help some more.