How to read Nicolet data ending in. e

  • MNE version: e.g. 0.24.0
  • operating system: e.g. Windows 10

Since the data produced by Nicolet device ends in.e instead, MNE official has not updated this kind of method, is there any other method

Could you provide some further information why your data (produced by a Nicolet device) ends with .e?

  • Which equipment was used
  • Is this a “new” or “old” Nicolet format? Or is simply the extension different?
  • Can you load the data if you simply change .e to .data?
  • Are there readers for .e in other toolboxes such as FieldTrip or EEGLAB?

If we have some answers to these questions we might consider adding support for this in MNE-Python.


Dear Stefan, I would have the same question as yonglongwen:

I work at an epilepsy hospital and we have a lot of data recorded in the Nicolet format. So far, this data has not been used for analyses and modeling, but we would like to change that. To answer your questions above:

Any help is highly appreciated!!

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I am personally not aware of any python reader for these files.


Dear Stefan,

I’m working on a research project and I got .e files produced from Nicolet Monitor too. I want to do the data preprocessing and modeling further in Python. One possible solution is to change the file type in Matlab from .e to .edf (for example), but it would take forever long to process all those files and incoming new files.

I was wondering if there is any Python solution of this problem?

Best regards,


Not that I am aware of it :thinking:

I would try to write a compact conversion code in MATLAB targeted to your files and convert all of them from .e to EDF. → perhaps this can be done such that it runs on a server of your institution in the background, so that you can do this step by step.

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Thank you so much!! Feel free to let me know if there is any updates. I really appreciate it. :blush: Besides, I am really looking forward to Python solutions, which would definitely help a ton.