How to perform search light analysis in source space?

I have source - level meg data in single trial, stored in matrix 【 voxels * timepoints * trials】. I want to perform search light analysis in the space , which means the sphere subset is defined in the voxel level , and each analysis will be performed separately in each time points. For example, each spatial subset doing SVM decoding, and assign the value to the center point of the subset, do it whole brain.
However , I lack the spatial relation of the voxels . Is there a way that i can get the voxels’ spatial relation description matrix and define the subset , so that i can do the analysis in matlab ; or is there any package that i can use to do , and i can create data format that match the package’s input?

  • MNE version: 0.24.0
  • operating system: Windows 10

perhaps the materials by @wmvanvliet here can help you (look at the slides and try to work through the examples): berlin_brains_2023/rsa at main · CarinaFo/berlin_brains_2023 · GitHub


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