How to get source localization plot averaged over time

Dear MNE users, I really like using mne. I have 5 min resting state EEG data. In my case, I want to see source localization result averaged over 5 min.

First, using this method

epochs = mne.make_fixed_length_epochs(raw, duration=10, preload=False)

I made epochs
Then, stc = apply_inverse(evoked, inverse_operator, lambda2,
method=method, pick_ori=None)
I solved inverse problem

When I plot source localiztion result using the command,
brain = stc.plot(hemi=‘both’, views=‘axial’, subjects_dir=subjects_dir,
subject=subject, time_label=message)

I can have a source localization plot changed over time (10 s). I want to know how to get only one source localization plot averaged over time.


You can use stc.mean().plot(...)