How to calculate absolute and relative power?

I do not know whether the method I used this code to calculate the absolute power and relative power of each electrode is correct, because the obtained values are very small, such as the absolute power of FP1 calculated as 0.00000000034427678985. Another problem is that mine is a 64-lead EEG cap. But he can only calculate 63 electrodes for me, I don’t know how to solve these two problems, I hope someone can help me to solve them, thank you, hope someone can help me.


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Example code

From a glance, the way you compute the bandpower doesn’t look wrong. total_power is not defined and should be the bandpower between 0.5 and 30 Hz in your example?

And you have 63 channels instead of 64 likely because you did not change the reference. Thus the 64th channel is the reference, i.e. an array of 0. You can add the reference channel and set the reference with add_reference_channels and set_eeg_reference:


thank you :grinning: