getting cmap customization within animate_topomap

Hello there,

I want to animate phase map, so I need to have a cyclic cmap… with plot_topomap it is fine because cmap is an argument but with animate_topomap there is no way to customize the cmap…
I think changing those lines in mne-python/mne/ could get the job done but I am really not sure:

line 523 -> def animate_topomap(self, ch_type=None, times=None, frame_rate=None,
                        butterfly=False, blit=True, show=True, time_unit='s',
                        sphere=None, *, extrapolate=_EXTRAPOLATE_DEFAULT,
                        verbose=None, **cmap=cmap**):
line 2316 -> def _topomap_animation(evoked, ch_type, times, frame_rate, butterfly, blit,
                       show, time_unit, sphere, extrapolate, *, verbose=None, **cmap=cmap**):
in _topomap_aniamtion:

line 2361 -> params = dict(data=data, pos=pos, all_times=evoked.times, frame=0,
                  frames=frames, butterfly=butterfly, blit=blit,
                  pause=False, times=times, time_unit=time_unit,
                  clip_origin=clip_origin, **cmap=cmap**)

Could you think you could put in your next update ?

Thank you very much !