Formula of goodness of fit

Does anyone know what is the exact formula of goodness of fit for dipoles on MNE python? I tried computing goodness of fit of dipole across brainstorm and MNE python for the the same current source the MNI locations of the dipole was not really far yet brainstorm shows 95% goodness of fit where as MNE shows 32% goodness of fit. What weightage is assigned to the location and orientation of dipoles on MNE? What could be the reason for such discrepancy?

Hello, I think the answer is somewhere buried in here:

But I’m afraid you’d have to dig into this entire module to figure out what all those parameters mean and how they’re obtained.

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here is a notebook to demo the thing:

one important subtlety is that the GOF if computed after data whitening in MNE to be able to work with different channel types


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