Estimating ICA sources on concatenated raw objects using ica.get_sources()

  • MNE version: 1.5.1
  • operating system: Windows 11

Hi all,

It seems like the ica.get_sources(raw_concat) method only estimates the sources of the first original raw where raw_concat is a concatenation of two raw objects (done using mne.concatenate_raws([raw1,raw2])).
I however need to get the estimate sources of this whole concatenation. Does anyone have an idea on how to resolve this issue? Would it be an acceptable solution to estimate the sources on both individual raws and subsequently concatenate the estimated sources raw objects?

Thank you in advance.

that’s very surprising. How did you reach this conclusion?


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Hi Alex,

The raw concatenated data has a dimensionality of 31 channels x 29045 samples.
The original raws that were concatenated had a shape of (31x14530) and (31x14515).
When ica.get_sources(raw_concat) is executed, it gives me the estimated sources, which have a shape of (31x14530), exactly the shape of the first raw object in the concatenation.