Error: The pymatreader module is needed, but it could not be imported

Hi guys, :wave:t2:

testing_data_folder = mne.datasets.testing.data_path()
eeglab_raw_file = os.path.join(testing_data_folder, 'EEGLAB', 'test_raw.set')

eeglab_raw =

When I write second code I get " For EEGLAB I/O to work, the pymatreader module is needed, but it could not be imported." error.

When I searched where the error came from, I couldn’t find anything, can someone help me? Thank you in advance :blush: :star_struck:

You need to install pymatreader (either with pip or conda, I don’t know what you are using).

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We should amend the error message to say HOW to install this thing. It’s not the first time this question came up, and maybe the current error message is too technical :thinking:


Thank you Mr. Brunner :blush:

now I get ValueError: Unknown mat file type, version 53, 44

when writing this code
eeglab_raw =

My file format is csv could this be the source of the error? Thank you in advance for your consideration

Hello @ipek,

read_raw_eeglab() is for use with EEGLAB .set / .fdt files, not for CSV files. Do you know how these files were produced? CSV is a more or less arbitrary format, so we cannot provide a straightforward way to read this. But if one know the structure of the data, one can (manually) import it anyway – it just requires more work.

For the data in the csv, is it epoch or contiguous signal?