Error nproj = np.sum((S / S[0]) > 1e-2) raised when applying projectors

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Dear all,

I am using MNE for EEG analysis on my MacBook Pro on both mac OS and Windows (double boot).
Today, I could not apply projectors on Windows but I could on mac OS. The error raised on Windows is:

C:\Program Files\Python\Python38\lib\site-packages\mne\io\ RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in greater
    nproj = np.sum((S / S[0]) > 1e-2)

The error was raised when doing:

raw =, preload=True)
raw.set_eeg_reference(ref_channels='average', projection=True) # CAR
eog_projs, _ = mne.preprocessing.compute_proj_eog(raw, n_grad=0, n_mag=0, n_eeg=1, reject=None,
                                                                                                  no_proj=True, n_jobs=1)

Note that using only one of the 2 projectors raises the same error; and using raw.apply_proj() does it as well.
Same file with same script on mac OS is working fine. Any idea for a solution?

Have a nice day,
Mathieu Scheltienne
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Are you on NumPy 1.19.4? A Windows update introduced a FPU bug a couple of
months ago that they're planning on patching in January I think:

In the meantime, a workaround is to install NumPy 1.19.3 on Windows. There
is also a NumPy 1.20 release coming soon that should fix it.


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I am using NumPy 1.18 on Windows and 1.19.4 on mac OS.