Dimension and Sampling Rate of Pulse, SpO2, etc.


I have used pyedflib and it shows that ‘SpO2’ has a dimension of ‘%’ and sample rate of 16Hz.

How can I see it (dimension and sampling rate) in MNE? By using raw.info, I get the sampling frequency of the EEG channels, which is equal to 256 Hz. How can I see the sampling frequency of ‘SpO2’ ?

I don’t think MNE supports different sampling rates for different channels. Not sure how the import handles this in your specific case…

yes MNE cannot handle this and will upsample the SpO2 to match the EEG sfreq


Thank you !
Does upsampling mean that the original signal is padded with 0s ?

I would assume it’s quite the opposite – each data point in the original signal gets repeated a number of times to fill in the “gaps”. Or maybe there’s even some sort of linear interpolation going on? No idea, I don’t know the MNE internals of upsampling.