Choosing a good noise covariance matrix

Following last Friday’s office hours I wanted to check if this is a good covariance matrix or if we should improve it, we used the first part of the baseline (tmax=-0.1).
Here’s the covariance and the effect on the ERP of a subject. I see that the GFP is not optimal (around 2) is this still within reason? the red limits on the ERP waveforms look good to me. Comparing it to the waveform (3rd picture) it looks quite different but I imagine that’s the point. Thank you in advance for your answer and again for the help last time!

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yes it looks pretty good. i would be curious how come it’s not perfectly one
but I doubt it’s critical

nice plots !


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Thank you :slight_smile: it might have to do with the fact that the evoked is not baseline corrected, so the GFP is higher than usual in the baseline period.