Changing Epochs event id

Is there a way to change the event id of an Epoch ?
I’ve tried to manually set them with the .event_id or .events parameters but it didn’t work


Hi Emile,

just to understand your question correctly: You would like to change the event id within a Epochs object? I am wondering, why do need it for? Typically one mainly deals with the dictionary (experimental condition name) after creating the Epochs object.

Do you actually mean to change the event id in the event file that you are passing while creating the Epochs?

Ps: posting some code spinet will be good to understand what you are trying to do.


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Hello Dip,

Yes, I have a Epochs variable with a few epochs in it, all epochs have the same event id in it, and I need to change the id of some epochs.
(data is coming from auditory oddball experiment, and I saw that an event change the perception of the oddball, and i want to change the id to easily differentiate them)

Thanks !